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Quality control

Part 1: Material Purchase

Quality hydraulic products are always made from quality materials which range from Alloy Steel, High grade Bronze, Cast Iron etc. We always stick to purchase materials from brand factories in China or import abroad to produce good quality products.

  • Purchase only brand material with high quality, Bao Steel, An Steel is our main suppliers.
  • Incoming sampling and full inspection which include Physical and Chemical composition detection.
  • Key Materials used in large displacement pumps only import from Germany
  • All bi-metal barrel only use welded process,avoid copper layer peeling.
  • Finished product inspection

Also, to guarantee a close 100% quality perfection, Super hydraulics also take strict quality control by our own quality inspection department. Super Hydraulics has a dedicated team who follow rigid QC processes and procedures to ensure that all material of components and parts quality is aligned with the customers' project scope and expectation.

High Quality Copper Material Imported Germany Made Bronze

Part 2: Manufacturing, State of The-Art

Our factory is equipped with the advanced manufacturing facility, modern manufacturing management system, quality control system, shipping and tracking system. All of these is to secure a precision dimension.

  • Imported CNC machining center groups, auto controled.
  • Five axis linkage machining center.
  • Auto piston machining, grinding and polishing center.
  • Imported steel and copper welding furnace to secure a reliable cylinder block material.
  • Various of precision grinding machines. High-power and advanced hydraulic test bench.

Advanced CNC Machine Group
Auto Manufacturing Line

Part 3: Advanced Heat Treatment Process

Besides the manufacturing process, heat treatment is the most important process to get a quality hydraulic products. All of the hydraulic parts are heat-treated by ourself, not outsourced . We are using the most advanced and modern treatment facility like:Ion nitriding furnace, auto quenching furnace, Carbonitriding furnace etc.

  • Modern Ion nitriding furnace, auto control, the nitrided surface is harder to stand wear and tear.
  • Carbonitriding furnace can get a better nitride layer
  • Strict quality inspection both on hardness and metallographic analysis
  • Quality inspection report is attached on all parts per batch.

Also, to guarantee a close 100% perfection, Super's quality check department will random check the hardness and metallographic to make sure that the heat treatment is with good quality.

Heat Treatment Facility
Cylinder Block Nitrided

Part 4: Strict Dimension & Burs Control

All of Super hydraulic components and all manufactured hydraulic parts do not leave our facility until they have been through a comprehensive and strict dimension control assessment.

  • Three coordinate measurement of spatial key dimensions
  • Measuring the cylindricity of an outer circle using a cylindricity meter
  • Check the verticality of the product with a verticality meter
  • Deburring process and inspection

To provide our customers with a high quality hydraulic products, Super Hydraulics' dedicated team has our own quality control data sheet with comprehensive key dimension and tolerence to ensure an accurate fit. These datas are based on our years of experience in hydraulic pump and motor manufacturing.

Cylindricity Tester
Three Coordinate Measurement

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